Our core competence

All our board members and consultants have been engaged themselves in various executive functions in China and in Europe. We are highly aware of the complexity of doing business between European and Chinese. We are convinced that speaking Chinese language is the very first step for European companies to tackle the issue of cultural distance and ultimately to reach success in most business cases. We bring in our competence matching the right candidates with suitable vacancies.

Why are we successful?

Our consultants have long time experiences both in China and in Europe. They are fully equiped not only with the Chinese, English and European languages but also with sharp understanding about Chinese and European cultures, business acumen and extensive networks across the continents.

Our vision

ChinaSpeaks AG is committed to contribute to the increasingly growing business ties and cooperation between China and Europe by providing quality services to our target Corporate Clients. We are delighted to take part in the globalization process, which we believe, is the only way to mutually benefit the economy and the wellbeing of the societies.

Our values

We fully respect the privacy of our Staff Pool Members, and we aim to satisfy our Corporate Clients by providing them with quality services. We take full responsibilities of our behavior and our commitment.

Our key relationships

Relationship is the key of our business success. As an intermediator between individual supply and corporate demands, we strive to build long lasting relationships with our Staff Pool Members and our Corporate Clients. Moreover, we take care of all relationships to our stakeholders including China-Europe business community organizations, policy makers and research institutions.